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Building Inspections Request Form

  1. Inspection Request Form

    Please fill in the required information in the spaces below. If your requested inspection date is not available we will contact the person listed on this form with the scheduled inspection date. Any questions may be directed to 828-764-9020

  2. Please enter your building permit number here

  3. Please request a date for your inspection. This is only a request and may not be the day your inspection is scheduled.

  4. Please enter the name of the person to be contacted for this inspection

  5. Please enter the call back number for the contact person

  6. Please enter your email address so we can send you confirmation of your scheduled inspection

  7. Please enter any Gate or Lock Box codes needed to access the property

  8. Please enter the address of the property to be inspected. Please verify that it is the correct address for the permit number above.

  9. Call Ahead?

    Do you need the inspectors to call you 1-hour in advance of your inspection?

  10. Please let us know any additional information or requests for your inspection

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