Tobacco Cessation Support

Here you will learn ways to manage the physical aspect of quitting, mental techniques to help you with triggers, and tips to help break the social aspect that is connected with tobacco use. 
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Smoking and COVID-19

COVID-19 attacks the respiratory system

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a virus that attacks your respiratory system. It can affect your sinuses, nose, and throat. It can also affect your windpipe and lungs.


Smoking and vaping cause inflammation in the lungs. While the evidence is not as strong for vaping as for smoking, some researchers suspect vaping may leave lung tissue fragile and more at risk for infection.

Cigarette smoking increases your risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

Smoking lowers your lung's ability to fight off infections. it increases your risk of lung disease (including asthma), diabetes, lung cancer, and many other cancers. 

Make a connection between smoking, vaping, lung health and COVID-19.

Recent research foudn that young people who vape are five times more likely to test positive for COVID-19 than never-users

Anything that is bad for your lungs can make it harder for your body to fight COVID-19.

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