Building Inspections


To schedule an inspection fill out the online inspection request form by clicking this link or to obtain inspection results, call 828-764-9026. Inspections are scheduled by day and not for a specific time. Inspections will be scheduled for the next day when possible but may be scheduled two days later depending on the availability of inspectors. You may request the inspector to call you an hour in advance of your inspection.

If you need to speak to an inspector concerning Code Related Questions you may call the main office and be transferred to the inspector's cellular phone in the field.


Applications may be downloaded here or picked up in our office.

All commercial applications are required to be dropped off for review. A plan review fee is required when the application is applied for (see fee schedule for costs). All commercial plans require drawings to explain the type of work.


Applications will not be accepted without proper plans. Any commercial building over 2,500 square feet in size will require a design professional to provide drawings.

This includes but not limited to change of use, addition, remodel or new construction. This will also apply to trade work.

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