Burke Strategic Land Use Plan

Strategic Land Use Plan LogoThe Blueprint Burke Plan is a plan for growth in our county, including growth both in the population of permanent residents and continued economic expansion. The plan was adopted by the Burke County Board of Commissioners at their meeting on October 18, 2022. Burke County represents the ‘good life’ by providing a high quality of life through meaningful diversified employment opportunities, vibrant small-town living, stunning rural communities, and many attractions to make living here special and unique.

The Blueprint Burke Plan includes current demographics of the county and makes comparisons to past years. We have looked at population, age of residents, community trends and have followed things like construction permits issued by the county. Burke County is experiencing the same types of things that other areas of North Carolina are facing; changing demographics among our residents who have high expectations for a healthy work-life balance located within a vibrant and safe community. Staff have considered these elements, weighed the many positive attributes and taken into account many local resources. Our conclusion is that there is every reason to expect that Burke County can grow and thrive in the coming decades. What it will take to achieve these goals, is cooperation among the communities of Burke County to work together to maintain our community, expand meaningful employment opportunities and engaging quality of life experiences. This collaboration will set Burke County apart from our peer counties in North Carolina who are trying to develop opportunities in their communities. In Burke County we hope to retain our young people with educational opportunities along with providing meaningful careers in new and traditional industries. We also have a unique opportunity to attract new residents from larger neighboring metropolitan areas with more affordable housing, abundant natural beauty, a thriving local economy and a high standard of living. Burke County is a great place to live, raise a family and retire in our diverse and welcoming community. 

View the Burke County Land Use Plan (PDF).