Community Development

Our Mission

Plan growth to sustain, protect and enhance the quality of life for all Burke County citizens.


The purpose of the Burke County Community Development Department is to provide staff support and technical assistance to the:

  • Burke County Board of Commissioners
  • County Manager
  • Planning Board
  • Technical Review Committee
  • Zoning Board of Adjustment

Planning staff also works with and assists other County Departments, governmental agencies, public officials, and the public.


The Community Development Department, under the direction of the Board of Commissioners and supervision of the County Manager's Office:

  • Administers regulations regarding the subdivision of land
  • Assists the public with questions on land use matters
  • Conducts studies and develops plans containing recommendations for the future development of the County
  • Prepares ordinances intended to protect the public health, safety and welfare
  • Provides code enforcement duties for minimal housing, zoning, and environmental compliance


Beginning April 18, 2022, the Community Development Department is amending our permit process. Going forward, permit applications will be accepted for review. Once the application has been approved and payment received the permit will be issued. This process will take 1–3 business days. Thank you for your patience as we strive to create a more streamlined process for our customers.