Fee Schedule

Download the Fee Schedule (PDF).

Effective December 22, 2016

Recording Real Estate Instruments

Recording InstrumentCost
Instruments except deeds of trust and mortgages$26 first 15 pages, $4 each additional page
Deeds of trust and mortgages$64 first 35 pages, $4 each additional page
Plats$21 each sheet
Nonstandard document$25
Multiple instruments as one, each$10
Satisfaction instrumentsNo fee
Each additional index reference on Assignments$10

UCC Records

One or two pages in writing$38
More than two pages in writing$45 up to 10 pages, $2 each page over 10
Copy of statement$2 each page

Marriage License

License ItemCost
Marriage license$60
Delayed marriage certificate, with one certified copy$20
Application or license correction with one certified copy$25
Marriage license certified copy$10

Other Records

Recording military dischargeNo fee
Military discharge certified copy as authorizedNo fee
Birth certificate certified copy
(register may waive for person over 62 years old)
Birth certificate from another county$24
Death certificate certified copy$10
Birth record amendment$10
Death record amendment$40 ($15 to North Carolina Vital Records,$15 to North Carolina Vital Records for expedited service)
Marriage Amendment$25
Legitimations$40 ($15 to North Carolina Vital Records,$15 to North Carolina Vital Records for expedited service)
Certified copies unless statute otherwise provides$5 first page, $2 each additional page
Uncertified copiesCost as posted

Other Services

Notary public oath$10
Notarial acts
(not charged if performed with acts for which there is a fee except if fee is for
registering instruments or plats)
$10 each signature
Comparing copy for certification$5
State vital records search$14
State vital records for network access$24 first copy, $15 each additional copy
Passport Photo$10
Express Mailing$19
Miscellaneous servicesCost as posted