Types of Records

  1. Birth Certificates
  2. Cohabitation Records
  3. Death Certificates
  4. Marriage Records
  5. Wills

Birth Certificates

1913 to current

In 1913 the state of North Carolina officially began keeping birth certificates (In some rural areas it began a bit later.) Birth Certificates tell where a child was born, who the parents were and their age at the time of the birth. Other information is sometimes listed such as occupation of the father, number of children already in the household, etc.

Delayed Birth Certificates

Our records start in the early 1880s, but vary.  

If someone, somehow, escaped the notice of a birth certificate registrar or happened to be born before births were listed, they could have applied for a delayed birth certificate. To obtain such a certificate, individuals had to supply documentation, often a school record. 

Historical Delayed Birth

Prior to 1913 the State of North Carolina did not record vital records (Birth/Death). Residents who did not have a birth certificate recorded were required to apply for a delayed birth certificate. 

All delayed birth certificates on record are at the Burke County Register of Deeds office. You may also visit our office to view records and do genealogical research in person.