Fraud Detection Notification Service

The Fraud Detection Notification Service is an early warning system to alert property owners of any activity occurring in their registered name at the Register of Deeds office.

Sign Up

It’s easy to sign up. Just visit the Fraud Detection Notification webpage, then enter your name, email address, and one or more names that you wish for the service to monitor. A confirmation email will be sent to you upon completion. Once you receive the confirmation email, follow the link in the email to activate your Fraud Detection Request. 

The service monitors the daily recordings and sends you an email notification when a document is recorded in the Burke County Register of Deeds office that matches the name you entered.


When signing up, please enter your full last name, but only a letter or two for your first name. For instance, using ‘M’ or ‘Mi’ rather than ‘Michael’, the system will alert you if names are detected that were recorded with just initials, or misspelled, or other name variations of Michael, such as Mike or Michelle. If you spell out ‘Michael’, it would miss these additional names.


Please call our office if you have questions or need assistance with the Fraud Detection Notification System at 828-764-9340.